Manufacturer touts new $900K machine

Dayton Business Journal

A local manufacturer is wrapping up a more than $2 million project to consolidate and upgrade, which includes buying one of the one of the largest machines of its type in the country.

As part of moving its West Carrollton operations to Springfield, Certified Heat Treating Inc. installed a custom-built furnace that should attract more business.


Joe Biehn, president of the company, said the 48-inch height capacity means the furnace, a $900,000 investment, can handle larger loads. It also can administer a larger variety of heat treat processes.

Biehn said Certified Heat Treating already is getting more jobs from existing customers because of the new machine and he now plans to market it more aggressively to go after new business. Heat treating involves high-temperature processes on metal parts under strict conditions to make them stronger, which is in high demand with the resurgence of manufacturing.

Certified Heat Treating, which has about 30 employees, had been operating from two locations since it acquired Heat Treating Inc. in Springfield in 2013. It completed the move to Clark County this year.

Certified Heat Treating is part of Biehn Co., which also owns industrial knife manufacturer CB Manufacturing in West Carrollton. The space in West Carrollton that was vacated by Certified Heat Treating provided room for CB Manufacturing’s growth.

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