Blanchard & Surface Grinding and Machining


The Midwest’s Most Complete Industrial Grinding and Machining Facility, Located in Dayton, Ohio

In business since 1965, CB Manufacturing, Certified Heat Treating Inc.'s parent company, has been one of the largest providers of contract Blanchard, surface grinding and precision CNC machining in the Dayton and Southern Ohio region.


Depending on the material to be ground, CB Manufacturing's experienced operators are able to hold dimensions of flat and parallel to .001 or better and thickness to +/- .0005.  Their operators are truly craftsmen, with years of experience and knowledge that allows them to meet and exceed customers’ specifications.  They are experienced with grinding and machining of all types of materials including carbon steels, tool steels,  abrasive plate, stainless steels, tungsten carbide, ceramics, beryllium copper, aluminum and others.

CB Manufacturing's Mattison 108 is the largest vertical spindle rotary grinder east of the Mississippi and one of only three in all the United States.

We offer Centerless, O.D., I.D. and Jig Grinding through partner companies.

Blanchard Grinding Basics

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With the many advances made in hard machining and the changes in machining of tool steels that have occurred over the last few years, CB Manufacturing has made extensive investment in CNC machining capability. They are focused on machining those hard to process metals and this sets them apart from other general purpose subcontract machining sources.

They have 7 CNC machines ranging from 20 X 40 inch capacity up to 40 X 96 and have extensive expertise for machining of tool steels, difficult to process materials and exotic applications. Combined with one of the largest surface grinding facilities in the nation and our extensive heat treat capability right on campus, we offer a one stop source for most of your machining needs.  Along with our 24 hour operation five days a week, we also offer pick up and delivery service within a designated area, allowing us to easily meet tight delivery dates.

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