Neutral Hardening

Certified Heat Treating Inc. has the ability to process parts produced from medium and high carbon steels and alloys with both fast quench oil as well as hot oil. Utilizing the best practices of racking and fixturing and our ability to variably control quench agitation along with our experience, Certified Heat Treating Inc. achieves the most consistent heat treating for our customers' parts required through hardening.


At CHTI, our atmospheric furnaces can take your low carbon content steel part and harden it though the carburizing process.  Carburizing heat treatment is carried out at a temperature where the steel is austenitic, typically 1510° to 1740°F and requires a controlled furnace atmosphere at slight over-pressure that transfers carbon from the atmosphere to the steel surface. After carburizing and quenching, the part will have a hard case, but a softer core that will assure wear and fatigue resistance.


Similar to Carburizing, Carbonitriting uses atmospheric furnaces to transfer both carbon and nitrogen to the steel surface.

Oil Hardening

We have the ability to harden ferrous alloys by quenching in oil.  Oil Hardening steels  become hard by cooling from a high temperature in one of our wells of oil.

Atmosphere Controlled Heat Treating Equipment

• Surface Combustion 72"x36"x36" (2)
• Surface Combustion 72"x42"x42"
• Surface Combustion 48"x36"x36"
• AFC-Holcroft 72"x36"x48"

Oil Quench Open door

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